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Alice Cornacchini chef at Casa Ombuto

Alice was born in Genova, a port city on the Mediterranean sea.  She is a Mediterranean woman at heart with the sea flowing in her veins. Alice studied to be a teacher and earned a degree in Ancient Roman history from the University of Siena.  She embarked on her culinary career as a student by working in local restaurants and discovered her life-long passion:  cooking.

In 2001, Alice and her husband, Alfonso, realized their dream of opening their own restaurant – “Le 3 Civette” – located in Parco di Lignano, a beautiful natural reserve park near Arezzo. Alice currently lives in the countryside of Arezzo with her husband, their son (Elia), and their dog (Byron).

Alice lives by two mottos when it comes to cooking. First, “Food tells a story.” Every cuisine in the Mediterranean has a specific culinary history, so food has become an expression of that culture, history, and even politics.   Alice will teach you the Mediterranean cuisine and also the special stories and their meaning in every ingredient used in the recipes.

The second motto Alice uses is “Cooking is an act of love.” People express themselves through cooking. Even the same recipe, prepared by different people will be different. Emotion, joy, and love are added ingredients that every person has inside one’s heart that cannot be measured or bought and Alice invites you to join her at the Mediterranean cookery course at Casa Ombuto to show her love for cooking and sharing this with you.


Alice's Mediterranean Menu

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