Tuscookany cookbook

The flavours of Tuscany

80 traditional and non-traditional recipes

Not just a recipe book, but a genuine overview of Tuscany's culinary history and culture, a journey in images through photographs taken specifically by expert photographers.

The volume includes recipes but also dishes enhanced by the creative touch of the Tuscookany chefs who carefully selected and wrote them with valuable tips on the wine pairings with local wines.

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Flavours of Tuscany cookbook
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Title The flavours of Tuscany
Image The flavours of Tuscany
Author by Tuscookany
Recipes by Paola Baccetti
Recipes by Laura Giusti
Recipes by Franco Palandra
Photographs Colin Dutton
Published 15-Aug-13
Publisher SIME
Language English & Italiano
Genre Cookbook
Identifier ISBN 978-88-95218-71-7
Review Rating: 5 / 5
Size    19.5 x 2.8 x 23.5 cm
Pages 288
Recipes 80
Price EUR 26,00  GBP 24,95  USD 34,95
Condition New
Paola Baccetti Talks about the cookbook on YouTube
Laura Giusti Talks about the cookbook on YouTube
Franco Palandra Talks about the cookbook on YouTube

GOURMAND world cookbook award 2013
Kochbuchpreis Regionale Kuchen GOLD 2015

Flavours of Tuscany Cookbook