Try the famous Tuscan Negroni but never drink more than two!

May 18, 2016

Try the famous Tuscan Negroni but never drink more than two!

Try the famous Tuscan Negroni but never drink more than two!

Read about Negroni:  a typical Tuscan Apéritif which the Italians and our Tuscookany cooks enjoy while watching the sunset after a great cooking session.

Italy is known all over the world for its food: pizza and lasagna, pasta and tiramisu, risotto and gelato… you name it. This is certainly one of the reasons why Tuscookany cooking classes in Italy was born, because we love Italian food. However, those who really know the culture of this beautiful peninsula are also aware of the fact that Italians love their drinks. It is not just a matter of good red wine or prosecco: there are some classic Italian cocktails that are absolutely delicious, and for which people around here go crazy. An example is the so-called Negroni, a wonderful drink…. made in Tuscany, of course!

The Negroni originated in Florence, around 1920. The authorship is a disputed matter and there are a few bars and bartenders who claim to be the fathers of this delicious ambrosia. This said, it is commonly believed the cocktail is the handwork of Mr. Luigi Scarselli. The reason why it was created is actually quite peculiar. Among the regulars of the bar where Luigi worked there was a noble man called count Negroni, who loved to drink C&C (Bitter Campari and Cinzano Vermouth) with gin. Scarselli combined the ingredients and conceived the most perfect blend. He named the resulting mix in honor of the famous customer. The fact that count Camillo Negroni fell in love with the drink is just another proof Mr. Scarselli might be the right father.

Today the Negroni is arguably the best known among the Italian aperitifs. It gets served everywhere with soda water, half a slice of orange and, often, lemon peel. Its characteristic strong and fruity flavor is quite unmistakable. 

One of the people responsible for the popularity of the drink was an entrepreneur from Emilia Romagna who moved to Tuscany. He was the founder of a liquor company and adored the aperitif. Are you ready for one of the greatest coincidences in the history of liquors and drinks? His name was Guglielmo Negroni. For him, advertising the cocktail was just another way to strengthen his brand.

A small anecdote: It is said that count Negroni loved to experiment with ingredients drawing inspiration from aperitifs he tried during his trips, especially those to London. As a matter of fact, the base of the cocktail used to be called “the American”.  If you think about it, it is funny that starting from America and London the Negroni became the Italian aperitif par excellence. However, once you taste its fruity harmonious notes, you know it couldn’t be otherwise: the Negroni is 100% Italian. We know from experience at Tuscookany that you should never drink more than two otherwise you might end up at the bottom of the Arno river!

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