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One week Italian Cooking classes in Tuscany

Learn Traditional Tuscan Cooking with passion

Have fun learning Tuscan cooking in one of our luxurious villas. Join us on our one week Italian Cooking classes at Tuscookany. Learn how to make complete 4 course Italian dinners covering all the basic Italian cooking techniques. Paola Baccetti, chef at Casa Ombuto, and Franco Palandra, chef at Torre del Tartufo and Laura Giusti, chef at Bellorcia all believe that the only way to learn to cook is to do it yourself. While they will demonstrate the techniques, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and put what you have seen into practice.

Have fun and learn to cook on the Tuscookany cooking lessons in Italy Learn how to make Pizza at Tuscookany cooking school in Tuscany Learn to make ravioli at Tuscookany cooking classes in Italy Tuscookany cooking classes in Tuscany
Tuscookany cooking classes in Tuscany Learn to make ravioli at Tuscookany cooking classes in Italy Learn how to make Pizza at Tuscookany cooking school in Tuscany Have fun and learn to cook on the Tuscookany cooking lessons in Italy

Italian cooking well done!

You will prepare a wide range of Anti pasta's including Crostini's, Bruschetta and Torte Verdura to mention only a few. Make your own Gnocchi and roll out your own Pasta - the authentic way with typically Tuscan fillings and delicious sauces. On top of that, learn to make pizza which will be baked in our own wood burning pizza oven. Meat dishes could include Wild Boar with polenta, Tagliata with green pepper sauce and baked vegetables and much much more. Desserts include Paola’s famous Panna cotta or Franco’s warm lemon pie with Italian meringue or Laura's Torte della Nonna.

All participants of our Italian cooking classes will receive a cookbook including recipes of all the dishes made during your stay, an exclusive apron and a certificate on completion of the course. The chefs have chosen dishes that can easily be made at home, using ingredients that you can usually find in most general or specialty stores.

Our Italian cooking classes  are suitable for couples, friends travelling together, singles and also popular for honeymoon couples. Everyone is there to enjoy the experience of cooking and eating together and meeting new people.

Read more about the chefs and their menus.

Sightseeing and culinary excursions

You will have afternoon cooking lessons on 4 of the days with enough time to relax and enjoy the surroundings or to do some sightseeing in the area in the mornings or on your free day.  A full-day culinary excursion is included with a cheese tasting, olive oil tasting, shopping in either Anghiari or Arezzo or Montalcino and wine tasting in a unique winery and its rounded off with an informal dinner back at your villa after a long but fun day.

Read the full itinerary.

Accommodation in luxury villa's

You will stay at the same location as where your Italian cooking classes take place, so no driving to a B&B or hotel after your Italian Cooking classes. For the one week Italian cookery course you can choose to stay in Casa Ombuto,Torre del Tartufo or Bellorcia.  They are all stunning Tuscan villas where you can enjoy comfort and luxury in Italian style. The cooking courses in Casa Ombuto and Bellorcia run from Saturday to Saturday, the cooking courses in Torre del Tartufo run from Sunday to Sunday. More information about the villas can be found at accommodation.

Non participating guests welcome

It is possible to bring along a non-participating partner who can spend the day enjoying the surroundings, sightseeing or playing golf and then join the group for dinner.  Non-participating guests are welcome to use all the facilities of the villa and they can also join the excursion.

Do you want to enjoy a cooking vacation with plenty of time to explore Tuscany, all while staying in an astonishing villa? Then learn more about the available dates for your cooking holiday.   For select weeks we have a special Italian cooking and hiking program at Casa Ombuto.