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Bellorcia | "Tuscookany in Bellorcia - Amazing cooking Experience in Tuscany"

Posted on october 15, 2015 by Angela P Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

“Tuscookany in Bellorcia - Amazing cooking Experience in Tuscany”

5 of 5 stars, Reviewed on TripAdvisor by Level 3 Contributor Angela , October 2015

If you want the best of all when it comes to cooking lessons in Tuscany book yourself a cooking holiday with Tuscookany.
At Bellorcia we were met by Sheena (guest relations manager) who took care of all our whims. Thank you Sheena for making me feel at home.
A huge thank you to Laura - our most tolerant master-chef under whose guidance we made perfect desserts and pastas from scratch (meaning we prepared the pastry and/or dough ourselves) and much more. We often had up to 7 dishes to prepare and I would wonder how are we going to pull this off - especially me as there was some kitchen equipment I'd never seen before in my life. People of all levels participate so don't stress if you've never made some of the dishes before.
The setting of the villa is out of this world - Tuscan hills and countryside all around. I was very impressed with the view from my loo! The rooms are spacious and are designed to let the outdoors in.
We had plenty of free time to explore the area and visited a number of historic towns including Siena. Sheena can arrange you a driver or preferably hire a car when you arrive so that you can explore the area at leisure.
All the dishes we prepared were served with wines that compliment the dish and were especially selected by chef Laura. Laura gave us information on each of the wines that was served and same applied to the dishes that we cooked - true Tuscan cooking.
Thank you to everyone who made the experience memorable - we had a few interesting characters in our group. I loved the experience and will do it again hopefully.
Thank you to Alex and Paola who hosted Christine and I at Casa Ombuto for 2 days prior to us joining the group at Bellorcia. We had the privilege of cooking with 2 of the chefs (Paola & Laura) and eating food prepared by another group under chef Franco's guidance on the Sat evening.
Ooh! Before I forget - the after dinner grappa and a zillion other liqueurs is such a great tradition.

Stayed October 2015, traveled solo