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Lovely Tuscan Cooking School Experience

September 2, 2016

Lovely Tuscan Cooking School Experience

5 of 5 stars, Reviewed on yelp by Marc, September 2016

Lovely accommodations and pool. Very intimate relaxing setting.  You will work and truly learn how to cook the real stuff. Then go freshen up and sit down to a perefect 4 course dinner each night - which you helped make. The wines served are great, tuscan and hosts always very generous. Lunches and breakfasts are perfect.

Paola is - well a rock star. Not only will she teach you how to cook; her gregarious larger than life personality makes your tuscan cooking school experience. A couple of months later we have forgotten a few of the techniques but our fond memory of Paola will last a life time!

Jodi and Marco

Marc P. Vancouver, Canada
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Excellent on Tripadvisor since 2012
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