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New at Tuscookany cooking classes in Italy at Bellorcia!

Posted on february 06, 2013 by Tuscookany
New at Tuscookany cooking classes in Italy at Bellorcia!

Dear All,

Tuscookany started giving cooking classes in Italy in Casa Ombuto well over 12 years ago and after great success added Torre del Tartufo 8 years ago.   As interest grew, we realised last year that it was time to find a new villa to add to the Tuscookany group.  We spent over nine months of intensive research to find the right villa with at least the same level of luxury and atmosphere as Casa Ombuto and Torre del Tartufo and YES we have FINALLY found a spectacular villa which will leave you speechless!  We are happy to announce that we will be giving the one week  cooking classes in Italy with Laura Giusti from 2013 onwards at:


Bellorcia is a grand Tuscan villa, renovated with impeccable taste. This luxurious villa, with its very colourful contemporary style, has a 360-degree spectacular view of the surrounding typical Tuscan landscape with rolling hills, wheat fields and cypress trees. It is situated in the breath-taking Orcia valley, which was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004 and is everything you have ever imagined Tuscany to be and an ideal location for your next cooking classes in Italy. Looking out each window in the villa is like looking at a framed painting.
Bellorcia is positioned 1 hour from Siena, 1½ hours from Florence and 2 hours from Pisa and Rome. The closest train station is Chiusi, which is 25 minutes by cab.

Laura Giusti, who has over 6 years of experience working with Tuscookany will be the Italian chef for Bellorcia and her extensive knowledge and passion will inspire you. For more details regarding Laura and her fabulous menu please visit the Tuscookany website.  

Another new course we will be offering from this year is the:
Three day Italian cookery course at Casa Ombuto

We discovered that the three day cooking classes in Italy which we offer at Torre del Tartufo has become so popular for those guests who have limited vacation time or too many other places to see that we have decided to also offer three day cooking classes in Italy at Casa Ombuto from 2013 onwards.  Laura Giusti will be giving this three day Italian cookery class at Casa Ombuto for limited weeks.  Have a look at availability on the website.

We invite you to visit the Tuscookany website to read more about Bellorcia and our new courses.


Posted on april 17, 2015 at 20:28 by Martine Giddings

We are so excited to be staying at your beautiful Bellorcia for one week and Torre del Tarufo and the second week. Counting down the days!

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