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Bellorcia | Vacation of a lifetime

Posted on may 27, 2016 by Judith Novak, Roanoke VIRGINIA, United States

After working for the government for 25 years I retired and decided to open my own business and then for 15 years I had a catering business and was the chef as well as the owner myself a professional chef I recently was looking for a place to go and relax ... a place where I could learn a little bit more about Italian cooking and Tuscany. I've been wanting to take this trip for at least 5 years and one day I just said you gotta do it. I am so glad I took that step,even if I went on my own. I met fantastic people who were my fellow students and a chef, Laura, who is beyond compare... she was not only a terrific teacher but a lovely lady and hostess. I did not expect to be able to spend a lot of time with our Chef instructor but Laura made me feel as if I was in her own home. And then there's Alex I don't know what title to give him except extraordinary. he took care of me like I was his mother aunt or some sort of relative. all and all I was treated like a queen - love the food, could not get over how beautiful the views were and the home itself is so very very accommodating. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I advise anyone who has a love for food and good entertaining to do this. J Novak

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