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Torre Del Tartufo | The most wonderful trip ever. The villa's mountain setting is spectacular

Posted on september 11, 2017 by beentheredunnethat Washington DC, District of Columbia

The most wonderful trip ever. The villa's mountain setting is spectacular.

5 of 5 stars, Reviewed on TripAdvisor by beentheredunnethat, September 2017

This place is simply a dream. The villa's mountain setting is spectacular, the rooms are utterly charming, and the pool was the prettiest I have ever seen. And then there was the cooking school, which was so much fun. Even though I am a pretty experienced home cook and baker, I learned a lot, and Franco and Paolo made it lots of fun. They were extremely kind and never made any of us, no matter how inexperienced, feel bad about our mistakes in the kitchen. The meals were heavenly. And maybe we were just lucky, but the other guests staying at the villa were delightful company, as were managers Lena and Alex. Even my two teens were completely won over. They were also impressed by the quality of the Wifi connection!