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Torre del Tartufo

"Fantastic Experience Tuscookany's"

May 10, 2013

"Fantastic Experience Tuscookany's."  Torre del Tartufo villa!   My top "complaints" are:

1. My room and bed were too comfortable, While snuggled under the fabulous down comforter surrounded by the antique furniture it was too hard to get out of bed!

2. The house itself had too many cozy spots to spend time in. It was a difficult decision each day...should I sit in the fabulous outside grottos filled with pillows and enjoy the peace and solitude of the villa. should I curl up on the fabulously comfortable couch in the tower living room with the fire roaring as I read my latest novel. or should I sit in the cozy bar area with candles burning, sitting on my extra large down filled club chair as I sip a glass of wine and converse with some of my new friends. Or should I sit in the hot tub under the stars with a glass of wine...way too many choices.

3. Speaking of wine...the problem here is the fact that each night there was too much wine. With the many fabulous choices of wine available the problem arose of having too much fun; the laughing and multiple conversations around the table made us forget we were actually learning something! Oh and I dare you to get bitten by the "rattlesnake"...a fun after dinner drink tradition that makes for a late night filled with more giggles and conversation!

4. The food is too good. The dining tables are to comfortable and the dining locations are out of a magazine!  The unique fresh flower center pieces, the glass of wine and mouth watering menus made you look forward to the next meal while finishing your present dish!

4. Franco the chef and his ever present amazing assistant Paula spoiled us rotten! You see I dont know how to cook nor like to cook. Each day at three o'clock we put on our personalized aprons and brought with us our complimentary cookbook which is filled with recipes and other very appreciated information. We were divided up into teams to prepare our four course meal for the evening. We chopped, kneaded, boiled and cooked together for seven days while Franco provided guidance (lots of extra guidance for me!) and tricks of the trade and Paula followed behind making sure each dish, knife, pot and table were spotless!  It seemed so effortless for them to teach ten of us how to prepare multiple dishes at once. Spoiled rotten are we!!!

5. The field trip day is fabulous but it demands that you hop on a comfortable bus and enjoy a day out visiting farms, wineries, enjoying fabulous scenery, a homemade lunch in a family villa , etc. The problem here lies in the fact this requires you to leave the villa. This was such a difficult decision so I personally chose to enjoy the lounges by the pool, reading my book in the sunshine, taking a run along the scenic country paths of the villa, soaking in the hot tub and napped by the roaring fire. All were happy!

6. The other problem is that the instructions didn't ask us to bring a large amount of extra cash. You see you don't need cash for anything at the villa unless you want a fabulous massage in their beautiful spa...the massage is very reasonable so you will undoubtedly have enough cash but the problem there is the massage is so good you want another comes the need for extra cash! Tipping is obviously not required but at the end of this fabulous week in paradise you want to make sure you show each and everyone of the staff members how much you appreciated the non-stop, above five star, service!

7. The villa experience causes deep depression. Saying goodbye to the staff brings tears, saying goodbye to your new cooking friends brings tears, and saying goodbye to "our" villa is gut wrenching! Once at home after getting over jet lag, enjoying your photos, having emailed all your new friends, you plan a dinner party with new found confidence. You can't wait to cook and share your new recipes. While preparing the dishes with my friends, setting the table with candles and fresh flowers I sit back and listen to the laughing and camaraderie around the table and wonderful memories and gratitude fill my heart. Memories are filled of my special time at cooking school and grateful for the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you all for a most wonderful week of cooking, friendships, and memories. It was simply amazing!!!!! Can't wait to come back!

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