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Casa Ombuto | Best, Serious Cooking School for Authentic Italian Cooking

Posted on october 06, 2016 by TwoKats Santa Cruz, California
Best, Serious Cooking School for Authentic Italian Cooking

Best, Serious Cooking School for Authentic Italian Cooking

5 of 5 stars, Reviewed on TripAdvisor by TwoKats,  June 2016

Fantastic, genuine everyday Tuscan recipes. Paola Baccetti, our Chef, was the best! A true task master, and yet so loving and sincere, we learned a lot. We consider ourselves decent cooks, yet learned so much in technique, and appreciated the mastery of Paola's efficient use of ingredients, and her recognition of the importance of using all of an ingredient, whether in the current recipe, or for a future use. Additionally, there is a constant reference to the importance of organic selections that we surely appreciated.

Don't even think about another school, just forge ahead to Casa Ombuto. The location is stunning, and it's clear that the staff and owners are dedicated to you having a fabulous experience.

We hope we can return at another time and work with Paola again.

Kate and Kathleen, Santa Cruz, CA.

Green Features: immaculate grounds, solar, environmentally concise, additional opportunity to participate in their support of children in need in Botswana.

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