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Bellorcia | A week to cook in Tuscany ...... tuscookany, what a great experience!

Posted on july 18, 2017 by Patricia de Bruin, Hilversum Noord Holland, Netherlands
A week to cook in Tuscany ...... tuscookany, what a great experience!

Laura, what a passionate chef and what a wonderful woman.

What a patience and really a chef to be jealous of. And how wonderful that she wants to share her knowledge. Katya, our silent force, but definitely indispensable, both in the house and for our cocktails. And Antonella, the assistant who made us feel a real chef too.

The pure ingredients, the wonderful dishes that you can make at home again. The cosiness and warmth from the moment of arrival.

What a great week. I can recommend it to everyone. Cooking, drinking, eating, laughing, the beautiful house and surroundings and the great people.

Back home with the delicious cookbook at my hand.......
Also thanks Ryan, Sabrina, Myriam, Jess and André (my fellow chefs for a week). Because of you I really enjoyed everything of Tuscookany.

Patries (Holland)

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