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Three day Italian Cooking School in Tuscany

Is a full week of cooking classes stretching your budget or do you have limited holiday leave? Do you want to incorporate a few days of genuine Tuscan cooking into your own vacation in Italy? Then the Three Day Italian Cooking School in Italy is just the right choice for you.

For selective weeks Tuscookany offers a three day cooking school in Italy at the Italian cookery course at Torre del Tartufo and Casa Ombuto.  The three day cooking courses are either from Monday to Thursday or from Thursday to Sunday in Torre del Tartufo or Sunday to Wednesday and Wednesday to Saturday in Casa Ombuto.  Both Franco and Alice will guide you through the Italian Cooking Classes in a fun and informal way. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves for a hands-on Italian cooking holiday.

Tuscookany chef Franco Tuscookany chef Pizza lessons at Casa Ombuto Tuscookany students at Torre del Tartufo cooking school in Italy Learn to cook in Tuscookany
Learn to cook in Tuscookany Tuscookany students at Torre del Tartufo cooking school in Italy Tuscookany chef Pizza lessons at Casa Ombuto Tuscookany chef Franco


The Three Day Italian Cooking Course includes:


Torre del Tartufo Arrival day:          Monday or Thursday in time for lunch
Torre del Tartufo Departure day:     After breakfast on Thursday or Sunday


Casa Ombuto Arrival day:               Sunday or Wednesday in time for lunch
Casa Ombuto Departure day:          After breakfast on Wednesday or Sun



Read the full itinerary for this cooking course.

Accommodation for the three day Italian cooking lessons.

For the Three Day Italian Cookery Course you will be staying at either Torre del Tartufo or Casa Ombuto, two beautiful villa's.  You stay in the same location as where your Italian Cooking classes take place, so no driving to a B&B or hotel after your Italian Cooking lessons.  Learn more about the villa Torre Del Tartufo or Casa Ombuto .

Three day Italian cooking school in Italy

Do you only have limited time and want to enjoy a three day Italian cooking vacation including full day culinary excursion while staying in an luxurious villa? Then learn more about the available dates for your cooking holiday.