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Tuscany Cooking Classes - Programs

Tuscany cooking classes are the perfect way of learning to cook great food while at the same time discovering and enjoying the regional culture and cuisine. Our cooking classes allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of Tuscany and learn to cook authentic Italian or Mediterranean cuisine at our Tuscany cooking school in an informal, safe and friendly environment. You will experience the passion of the Italian kitchen and, most importantly, have loads of fun while cooking up a feast. Our cooking school in Italy has been rated by The Observer newspaper as one of the “Top ten cookery schools in Europe”.
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Tuscookany chef Franco at Torre del Tartufo Chef Paola with guests having fun Chef Laura at Bellorcia cooking school in Tuscany Tuscookany chef Alice Italian cookery course at Casa Ombuto
Tuscookany chef Alice Italian cookery course at Casa Ombuto Chef Laura at Bellorcia cooking school in Tuscany Chef Paola with guests having fun Tuscookany chef Franco at Torre del Tartufo

Cooking holidays in Italy

Tuscookany has more than 20 years experience in hosting Tuscany cooking classes in our luxurious villas. You will stay in stylish accommodation on location and cook in our well equipped kitchens with guests from all over the world. You will enjoy the meals you created together with your fellow cooks complimented with superb Italian wines. There is plenty of time to explore the area or just relax and enjoy your home away from home in a spectacular setting with new friends.

We offer the following cooking holiday programs:

Hands-on Italian cooking classes

All our chefs believe that the only way to learn to cook is to do it yourself. While they will demonstrate the techniques, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and put what you have seen into practice. The Italian Cooking Classes are informal and the chefs are flexible and willing to add those special dishes that you have always wanted to learn how to make. Groups are never larger than 14 students participating to ensure that  everyone has enough space to get rolling, this course is hands-on cooking and not only demonstration.  We will adhere to Covid rules and regulations to ensure the safety of everyone in the kitchen.

Fresh and healthy

We pride ourselves in having organic vegetable gardens and use vegetables in season from our own plots and local markets. Other ingredients you will use are bought each morning so you will be working with fresh produce. Throughout our Tuscany cooking classes you will learn about the ingredients and the traditions around the dishes as well as food presentation and wine choice. We can cater for vegetarians, vegans and have experience with guests having wheat or dairy intolerances and will show you how to adapt dishes so that you dont lose out.

Bringing the experience home

For all Italian and Mediterranean cooking classes you will receive a cookbook including recipes of all the dishes made during your stay, an exclusive apron and a certificate on completion of the course. The chefs have chosen dishes that can easily be made at home, using ingredients that you can usually find in most general or specialty stores.

Did you know?

It is also possible to bring along a non-participating partner who can spend the day enjoying the surroundings, sightseeing or playing golf and then join the group at dinnertime as well as joining in the excursion.

When are you coming?

Do you want to enjoy our Tuscany cooking classes with plenty of time to explore in your free time, all while staying in an astonishing villa? Learn more about the available dates for your cooking holiday.

If you want to learn about Italian cooking and Tuscan culture then this is the place. 

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