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Cooking Trips Tuscany!

Looking for cooking trips Tuscany?

Learn cooking on your trip to Tuscany true Italian style and have fun doing it. This is your chance to enjoy hands-on cooking trips in Tuscany while staying in a luxurious villa in the heart of Tuscany. Tuscookany was elected one of the top ten cooking trips in Tuscany by Observer newspaper. Benefit from the knowledge and passion for cooking from our local chefs from Tuscany they will be teaching you all there is to know about cooking Italian or Mediterranean on our cooking trips in Tuscany.

Cooking Trips Tuscany programs:


Find out what we offer on a cooking trips Tuscany,

You will be cooking, dining, wining, relaxing, having fun on your cooking trip and stay at splendid villas in Tuscany. During a week or three days’ on your cooking trips in Tuscany you will not only learn some great new cooking techniques, you’ll also make friends for life in Tuscany. It’s the perfect way of learning to cook great food while discovering the regional culture and cuisine on your cooking trips Tuscany.