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Torre Del Tartufo | Thank you for your amazing hospitality this last week

Posted on august 29, 2019 by Kamal Rahman

5 of 5 stars, Reviewed on Google by kamal, August 2019

Pippa I wanted to write to thank you for your amazing hospitality this last week. I have prepared the following review which I’m very happy for you to put on your website. If you’d like me to amend it in any way happy to do so. “ Tuscookany is a real gem. The personal brainchild of the founder goes above and beyond what would usually be the high expectations of those seeking to learn how to cook in Tuscany. A week at Tuscookany staying at the Torre del Tartufo (Tower of Truffles ) was a hugely memorable week and a delighted to all the senses. From the amazing crimson sunsets over the Tuscan hills, the gastronomic delights served at every meal, to the exceptional service delivered by the staff who clearly enjoy every aspect of creating a memorable and entertaining experience for budding chefs. Franco the gregarious chef (with the unstinting support of his life partner Paola, the real unsung heroine of the kitchen) provided entertaining instruction on a range of recipes peppered with northern British colloquiums garnered from his time working there. This coupled with the unstinting support provided to guests by the villa manager Alex and his wife Lena made the entire cooking and living experience hugely. memorable. My week was however made all the more exceptional by sharing it with the owners of the school and their extended family, and whose generosity of spirit, bon homie and a genuine desire to create a home from home experience was remarkable. The real test of a holiday is the answer to the question “ Would I return?” With Tuscookany there is every reason to do so. “ Warmest Kamal