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Casa Ombuto | Talk about a trip of a lifetime..this cooking vacation is it!

Posted on april 29, 2017 by Sclennarson Tucson, Arizona

Talk about a trip of a lifetime..this cooking vacation is it!

5 of 5 stars, Reviewed on TripAdvisor by Sclennarson, April 2017

The grounds at Casa Ombuto are impeccably kept, the rooms are cozy and luxurious, the pool is a relaxing oasis complete with hammocks and a wood fired hot tub. Better than 5 Star!! What sets Casa Ombuto apart is the staff. Chef Paola gives lessons that transcend the kitchen and impact life. She is full of passion, energy and love. Paola's a master at bringing diverse individuals together to create a team...all without your knowing it! The dishes we prepared were YUMMY. The cookbook we received is priceless. Nightly dinners were full of good food, great wine and wonderful conversation. I can't say enough about Casa Ombuto. Travel to the Tuscan countryside. You won't be sorry you did!

Room Tip: Rely on the staff. They will assign you a fabulous room. Every room is great!