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Casa Ombuto | Fantastic Last Minute Surprise of a cooking Trip in Tuscany

Posted on october 03, 2017 by Bonnie Kotz, Vienna VA, United States

Fantastic Last Minute Surprise of a cooking Trip in Tuscany

This is over due by a month. My girlfriend about 2 weeks prior to going said, let's go. I was all in and so glad we did. Paola was a fantastic chef and teacher. We had a great group of strangers that came together to become fast friends and chefs. We are still conversing with one another on our experiences, cooking skills we took home and the future recipes we will share with experiences. We hiked during the morning, or checked out new places in Tuscany and then had a blast learning. It wasn't just about the cooking, it was an adventure in stories from Paola on how the recipes came together and the roots of the food and ingredients. Technique was a lot of what was learnt. The pool was great, the villa was fantastic and the rest is a MEMORY MAKER! Thanks Tuscookany.
Bonnie Kotz

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