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Places of interest during your cooking vacation



The holy Hermitage and Monastery of Camaldoli represents one of the most important and active expressions of monasticism in Italy. The monks living there still make use of homegrown medicinal herbs. It’s situated in the National Park of Casentino Forest, where you can see deers, foxes, wild boars and many different species of trees. A beautiful area for hiking of having a picnic. For more info visit Camaldoli.it

Distance from:
Bellorcia: 1:30 mins.
Casa Ombuto: 25 mins.
Torre del Tartufo 55 mins.


Caprese Michelangelo

This quiet and sleepy town is the birthplace of Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 – 1564). His family home is open to the public and the museum dedicated to this great sculptor is also worth visiting. For more info WikipediA

Distance from:
Bellorcia: 1:25 mins.
Casa Ombuto: 50 mins.
Torre del Tartufo 40 mins.



La Verna

This truly special and significant monastery is hidden in the hills with breathtaking views of the Casentino National Park and very pleasant to visit. It is said that it was here that St. Francis of Assisi received the stigmata. There are many walks through the lush bush that surrounds the complex. For more info Laverna Franciscans.org

Distance from:
Bellorcia: 1:30 mins.
Casa Ombuto: 40 mins.
Torre del Tartufo 55 mins.



La Foce Garden

When Antonio and Iris Origo bought the estate of La Foce in 1925, they engaged the English architect Cecil Pinsent, who had previously done extensive work on Bernard Berenson's Villa I Tatti in Florence, to restructure the main buildings and create a large garden. The latter was conceived to enhance the Renaissance house and expand the spectacular view over the valley of the Orcia and the Amiata mountain. www.lafoce.com

Distance from:
Bellorcia: 15 mins.
Casa Ombuto: 1:40 mins.
Torre del Tartufo 1:15 mins.



The Pratomagno is a mountain range, which has the Arno River on both sides. Its highest peak has an elevation of 1,592 m. The ridge is a large grassy back: the ‘Great Lawn’. Near the highest peak, after a climb of about 30 minutes, you will find a modular iron Cross. At the cross there is a 360° view of Casentino, Apuan, Amiata, Chianti and the towers of San Gimignano. A great hike to walk off the pasta eaten during your cooking vacations. 
To see more of the beautiful Casentino region ilbelcasentino.it

Distance from:
Bellorcia: 1:40 mins.
Casa Ombuto: 30 mins.
Torre del Tartufo: 1:15 mins.


Sant'Antimo Abbey

Located in a Tuscan valley not far from Siena, the spectacularly beautiful Sant'Antimo Abbey is a must-see for anyone visiting the area. Originally built in Carolingian times, the present abbey church is an elegant Romanesque edifice of the early 12th century. Gregorian chant can be heard from inside throughout the day. In Roman times, a villa stood on this beautiful site in the valley of the River Starcia. Remnants from the villa were reused in the church and can still be seen in the tower. An ancient inscription discovered on the site indicates there was a sacred spring here as well.
According to legend, the abbey was founded by Charlemagne in 781 after he fell ill nearby and prayed for deliverance. Unfortunately there is no evidence for this popular tale, but Charlemagne did stop by that year (apparently in full health). Although he did not found the monastery, which had already been under construction since 770, he set his seal on the foundation.
The monastery begun in 770 was ordered by the Lombards, who ruled the region at that time. Built over an ancient martyrium to St. Antimo, the monastery would serve as a rest stop for pilgrims, merchants, soldiers and government officials traveling the busy Via Francigena that connected Rome to France. On December 29, 814, Loius the Pious (son of Charlemagne) issued a charter providing Sant'Antimo abbey with gifts and privileges.
The church was rebuilt in the early 12th century in a Romanesque style inspired by Lombard and French forms. The date 1118 is inscribed on a column in the ambulatory.
The Abbey of Sant'Antimo was suppressed by Pope Pius II in 1462 and the church was given to the bishop of Montalcino. It is now administered by about six Canons Regular, who conduct services with Gregorian chant at the altar throughout the day. www.antimo.it

Distance from:
Bellorcia: 60 mins.
Casa Ombuto: 2:10 mins.
Torre del Tartufo 1:45 mins.

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